For the past two years I have worked with passion at a rate that is far undervalued for the volume and quality of the work done. I am requesting a salary that reflects a low-end market value in the music industry. This salary increase will allow me to provide even more attention to Yonder business through the easing of financial stresses. It will also allow me a budget to hire an assistant to help spread out the work load and will supplement professional development through conference attendance/education/networking. A separate travel budget will allow me to meet up with the band & crew on tour while scheduling appointments with industry partners. Below is a list of compensation points that reflect a minimum value for the work that I currently facilitate for the band and the expansive list of ideas that I propose to put in place. The new compensation structure would start on May 1st, 2019 in bi-monthly payments of $1600 and continue based on the band’s satisfaction of performance. Any future salary increases will be based on yearly reviews of management performance and business growth.

  • Title: Co-Manager to Vince Iwinski

  • $3000 per month salary

  • $200 monthly Travel Budget for band events, meetings, and networking

  • 10% commission on endorsement, licensing, and other new business to be defined

  • 2nd right of refusal (after Vince) on artist/guest passes to Telluride, NWSS, StringSol, and other large events

  • Induct me into the Kinfolk Of The Year award for year 2016 as part of NWSS 2019

In conclusion, it is my great desire that we continue moving forward together and make this vision for the future a reality. I believe in the quality of my work and in these innovative proposals. I know that I can’t implement growth by myself; Vince is crucial, and Hines, Zach, Liz, and Todd are all parts of a plan. The value placed on the team members within the organization is your decision as business owners. I offer my services to you, at a fair base rate, and with gratitude for our history together.