Live Performance:

Play more single mic shows (concert series / PACs)

More Yonder Mountain Electric Band engagements

Do a song drop as part of each encore to build anticipation and keep people in the room for entire show

Fresh cover selections - no more adult contemporary covers added to catalog

More Jake bluegrass singers

Edgier setlist writing

No more formulaic soloing

DelFest set : Dylan electric > YMEB

Marshmallow replacement campaign for TBF 2019

Telluride with one Jeff song

“Guy on a Buffalo” Halloween show 2019

NWSS Electric Set planning

Fan Engagement :

Create a Sweet.io account to incentivize fans to interact with band content

More Kinfolk Celebration meet & greets

Have my assistant take on the street team revitalization

Mailing List data sourcing campaign

Facebook messaging activation


Release Hey Day w/ b-side as a surprise single drop in June 2019 with a 45 released at Telluride

Build Spotify relationship / get approved for direct upload / clean-up the existing mistakes on the current Spotify profile

Monetize Hines Finds through the digital distro platforms

Old Hands Volume 2

Sheriff Saga album released as a podcast series in partnership with Spotify

New quintet recordings released as a series of singles or EPs

A traditional bluegrass record

Licensing opportunities through our relationship with ColorWheel

Extracurriculars :

BK - Solo album or Sheriff Saga

Dave - Published writings...Poetry Book

Adam - Fly Fishing Film Tour short film

Allie - Cook book / Fashion blog

Jake - Instrumentals Vol 2

Merchandise :

I’ve really be staying in my lane and letting Liz & Brian do their thing. But you know I have my ideas…

Branding :

Define a logo for quintet

New Website (completed but not compensated for)

New Press Photos (completed but limited band feedback)

Consolidate art direction

Feature photographers - value them with small investments


Philanthorpic Angles

Dodge van buildout crowdfund for charity

Get a CO Mtn named “Yonder Mountain” to induct new quintet name

Create band-curated playlists on Spotify and build relationships for official playlisting

Revive the Yonderpoll 

Consolidate the All Who Yonder fan page back into Yonder Kinfolk or vice-versa

Social Media :

An established per-tour marketing budget for boosting posts

A per-tour photography / video budget for pro shoots

Develop Google Ad words presence

Set up band / crew with login and Instagram story tutorials


I present the concept below because I think it important to give you my full range of thoughts. Please avoid any knee-jerk reactions. This is an educated suggestion and a perspective that I need to share for my own peace of mind. This is not contingent to plans I want to put forth. I only ask that you read it twice, with an open mind.


And also…a name change…and a move toward bridge building with Jeff Austin.

It’s time to drop “String Band” from the quintet name and perform as Yonder Mountain moving forward. Radical concept, I know. But that radical idea is the foundation to building an empire of a family brand with Yonder Mountain String Band as that umbrella entity. This would give us the opportunity to diversify the portfolio of products that the YMSB brand can offer. Those offerings would include extremely limited engagements with the original quartet.


YONDER MOUNTAIN STRING BAND: the original quartet

There is a demand for bridges to be built between YMSB’s core members and Jeff Austin in order to work toward some reunion shows. Not only for monetary reasons, but for brand recognition. Holding the moniker Yonder Mountain String Band for some limited engagement classic quartet shows would create a high value product to offer a few times throughout the year.

YONDER MOUNTAIN : the current quintet

Moving forward as Yonder Mountain and dropping “String Band” from the name, you cast off ties to something that was established and adopted by a wildly passionate fan base. You then have the freedom to grow the quintet with a renewed freedom and a sense of trust within the original fanbase who have felt dissuaded by such an iconic brand continuing under that moniker without a key original member. You also then have the freedom to follow in the adult contemporary direction that you’ve been moving with more PAC performances. You should even explore the option of some single mic tours as a nod to tradition. Allie is a major asset to the energy void from Jeff’s vacancy - but it’s time for some original tunes…I know that you got them in ya. And Jake is a magician on the mandolin…but he needs to engage more...smile more…look like he’s enjoying himself. But most importantly, his high lonesome voice needs to be better utilized with more traditional bluegrass numbers. And more of his original instrumental tunes need to be adopted by the rest of the band.

YONDER MOUNTAIN ELECTRIC BAND - quintet with Asher & Jay

It is a shame to put so much work into developing these electric sets and have it only performed once at String Summit. This is a set that should be pitched to festivals across the nation. Possibly even toured on. It allows a diversity to what the band offers in regions of the country and holds the attention of the fans.


Side projects and other adjacent activities that support each individual band member’s career & brand are important as they also push that narrative of diversity under the umbrella of the Yonder Mountain String Band empire. These should be pursued with passion but should always reflect the greater narrative that the Yonder brand is a family.

Step One :

Name Change

To usher in this name change, I would work with a friend on Governor Polis’s team to have an un-named peak in CO officially titled “Yonder Mountain”. We would partner with a famous Boulder mountaineer to climb the peak and plant a flag.

Step Two :

Bridge Building

A neutral mediator needs to be brought in and a marriage counselor type setting. There is an opportunity to do this in April when the Adam & Ben duo shows coincide with some JAB Colorado shows.

Step Three :

Yonder Festival

Partner with Peter Shapiro and David Frey on a Horde-style traveling Yonder Mountain family circus where Yonder Mountain String Band headlines as the original quartet. Yonder Mountain performs as the quintet. And Jeff Austin Band, Jake Jolliff Band, Adam and Ben, and other adjacent projects do interweaving sets.

Thanks for reading this far. Again…I only ask that you read it twice, with an open mind. After the second read, you are welcome to tell me to fuck off. : )